Welcome to the Cancer Survivorship Website for Northern Ireland

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People living with and beyond cancer can enjoy life and be supported or empowered to remain well. There are a wide variety of services available in Northern Ireland which can provide you with information and support to meet your individual needs.

This website provides a searchable list of services available in your area to support you and your family or friends to live with and beyond cancer. If you are unsure about your suitability for certain services please discuss it with a health care professional who knows you or contact the service listed and they will advise you if they can support or help you in any way.

By combining your postcode with key words it is possible to search for local services that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Having cancer can affect every aspect of life from the physical and emotional effects of the diagnosis and treatment, through to your relationships with loved ones and the wider social and work life. Improvements in cancer care treatment mean more people are surviving and some may be living with long term side effects or late effects of their treatment. This has led to the call for greater focus to be placed on cancer survivors.

Events calendar

For health and wellbeing events, self management programme and education days please see the events calendar. These events and programmes will provide a range of practical and emotional support mechanisms and an opportunity to avail of relevant information and services. 

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